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quick spot for Xena, and a question

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Drive-by posting while at work -

A very well-written Salon.com article on "Xena."

Thoughts? Reactions? I ran across another article (umm... somewhere) on the progression of female characters on TV, and would you believe that not a single sf/f character made it to the list? Laura Petrie, Mary and Rhoda, Murphy Brown, and then Carrie Bradshaw. Interesting how mainstream media just doesn't want to admit to sf/f characters, even when (IMHO) they often provide the best examples of feminist thought.

But, since this is an open forum for all female characters, what do you all think are the most significant female characters on TV?

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On November 14th, 2006 11:12 pm (UTC), spiralsheep commented:
The supreme commander rules!
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