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Another Book Recommendation

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Just thought that I would drop another quick note recommending a very fun, well written, and interesting series:

The first in the series is titled, Moon Called, and is an introduction into the world of Mercedes Thompson. She is a young woman living in the Tri-cities(Washington State), a mechanic who also happens to be a shape-changer.

Taking place in present day America, the book is one of those where fantasy(ie vampires, fae, werewolves) lives side by side with the mundane world, and the author has a very deft hand at placing fantasy in the real world without it being, "over the top." In addition, while the fantasy is obviously an important aspect of the story, it is written in such a way, that many who would normally not read the genre, may find the book enjoyable.

As the first book in a newly established series, it does not necessarily have a terribly complicated plot-line, but is very good at what it does have, namely, character introduction. The author is quite adept at writing well-rounded characters. Mercedes is more than your carbon copy supernatural heroine, and her friends and neighbors all have more than just a name and a "power." In addition, Mercy's world is very well defined and rich; a nice blend of the real and the imagined. (And hey, what can I say, I also like that it takes place in my home area of the world, namely the Northwest. *grin*)

Well, in short, I recommend this book highly, and I for one, am looking forward to the release of the nest one in February.

Oh, and here's the author's site for more info:


Edit: I know that this edit is very late, but, just thought I'd add that Blood Bound came out some little bit ago. It fully delivers on the promise of the first novel. Particularly nice, is the fact the author doesn't just have Mercy as a sterotyped female character and the plot does indeed thicken, as the saying goes. Anyhoo...
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